How You Can Help

As I travel around India, Nepal, and Tibet, all "Third World" countries, I have seen many people and animals in need of help. People need help in so many human situations, such as: getting an education, receiving health care,and for assistance with so many disabilities. These disabilities may be due to older age, accidents and injuries, or possibly people may have been born with physical, mental or combined handicapping conditions. All of these problems are further compounded, if the people are refugees.

My heart has been especially drawn to the sadness of seeing some social circumstances, where even a small donation in western economic terms, could make such a big difference in the "Third World". Just a small contribution may offer hope, where before there has been none.

I often see single mothers, abandoned by their partners, who are struggling to survive and to nurture their children. I see refugee children, who have lost their parents. They touch me so deeply. I see them trying to eke out an existence with nowhere to turn.

I am also moved by the situation of monks, nuns and lay people who are trying to devote their lives to the precious Dharma. They may be trying to practice extended retreats, or trying to attend rare and potentially disappearing spiritual transmissions of ancient practices. To keep these traditions alive, they have need of just some basic assistance, and then they can preserve their spiritual heritage.

The conditions for animals in India, and my home village of Bir, is very different, than it is in the west. There are many wild dogs, that need periodic rabies vaccines, physical check ups and emergency medical care. Although there are some people dedicated to assisting the wild animal population, and to help prevent the spread of rabies, and other animal diseases, they need assistance to continue providing costly medications, inoculations, and emergency veterinarian care. My first concern is addressing these animal needs in the Tibetan Refugee community and in Bir.

The condition of the wild dogs is of major impact on the people of the refugee community.

In the west, as many of you know, I have provided animal blessings for pet animals, and animals in shelters in Boston, Long Island, Florida, and many other places. I would like to continue to provide animal blessings, as I travel, and I find the response of both animals, and their caretakers to be very welcoming and encouraging.

I would like to make a supportive, compassionate connection between individuals in need in India, Nepal, and Tibet, and you whom I have met, as I travel offering Dharma teachings. So please, help as much as you can. This will be a person to person contribution from people I know in the west to people I know in the east. I will personally do all I can to insure that your hard earned contributions reach those in need.

The Bodhicitta Foundation is a registered charitable organization and has 501(c)3 tax exempt status. If you would like to support its efforts, you can make a contribution through Paypal by clicking on the donate button. The foundation is also developing an accountable communication for donors by identifying who you are helping, and how your donations are helping.

Please check out my new Facebook Group at: Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam or if you have further questions, contact my close student, John Wenz, who is secretary and treasurer for The Bodhicitta Foundation at 732-718-3982, or

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