In November of 2016 Lama Gursam taught a weekend class on the practice of shamatha meditation and yogic breath exercises. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

The Bodhicitta Foundation Prayer Book can be downloaded from this site. It's laid out in booklet style in pdf format and comes in two files, the TBF prayer book (1.1 MB) and the prayer book cover (60 KB), which can be printed on heavier stock.


  1. Click on the prayer book (or cover) link.
  2. Click on the printer button on your tool bar
  3. Pull down the Pages,  Subset: window on the print range section of the Print page
  4. Select odd pages only
  5. Click Print
  6. Arrange printed pages so that, in the next print cycle, #2 page will print on blank side of #1 page, #4 on #3,  #6 on #5, etc.
  7. Place arranged pages in paper tray so that blank side will print
  8. Click on the printer button on your tool bar
  9. Pull down the Pages,   Subset: window
  10. Select even pages only.
  11. Click Print

Note 1: You may want to save pdf files to your computer.
Note 2: If you want to print multiple copies, select Page Handling options on Print page

If you would like to contact Lama Gursam please e-mail or .