India Pilgrimage 2016

The 2016 Pilgrimage has been cancelled as a result of the cancellation of the Kalachakra Empowerment

Daily Pilgrimage Itinerary

Day 1 (Wed Jan 13) ~ Welcome to India. As everyone arrives in Delhi India. Lama Gursam and Lama Jamdor will meet you at the airport with a person from the Travel Agency. A personal welcome with a Tibetan kata and meeting with your personal guides for the pilgrimage.

Day 2 (Thu Jan 14) ~ Flying from Delhi to Varnasi Settle into hotel in afternoon. Evening visit to Ganga River to see Hindu religious ceremonies, called Arti, some of the oldest religious ceremonies in the world.

Day 3 (Fri Jan 15) ~ Very Early Morning Sunrise at Ganga River, Lama will provide a Ganges Mahamudra transmission of Tilopa's ancient text, a boat trip to see ancient Hindu cremation, and sight seeing of Varnasi. After Breakfast, sight seeing tour of Sarnath ($100-200 Rupees) the location of Buddha Shakyamuni's First Teaching on Four Noble Truths, and tsok feast offering. ($10 for Tsok Feast Offering supplies.) Followed by a teaching about the Four Noble Truths by one of Lama Gursam's professors from Sarnath Varnasi Tibetan University. Lama Gursam suggested $10 offering. (These costs not included in travel expenses) Tour of Sarnath Tibetan University, very special library, Lama studied for his Bachelors and Masters Degrees there. At Sarnath see special silk brocade and special Indian shops.

Day 4 (Sat Jan 16) ~ Travel day to Bodhgaya. Leave morning after breakfast, travel by bus. Arrive in Bodhgaya and settle into hotel where you will be for the remainder of the pilgrimage. Afternoon visit to Bodhgaya Stupa, a visit Mahabodhi Temple, and practice together with Lama Gursam (Suggested $10 for offerings at Temple to fill Buddha Shakyamuni's Begging Bowl)

Day 5 (Sun Jan 17) ~ Early morning sightseeing tour from Bodhgaya, (a one day trip) to Nalanda University (150 Rupees admission fee) Then a visit Vulture Peak Mountain where Buddha taught the Heart Sutra, Lama Gursam will provide a Heart Sutra Transmission and short teaching. Recitation of Heart Sutra at this sacred sight, and offering of prayers. Return to Bodhgaya.

Day 6-8 (Mon Jan 18— Wed Jan 20) ~ Preliminary Teachings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in preparation for Kalachakra Empowerment.

Day 7-12 (Thu Jan 21—Sun Jan 24) ~ Kalachakra Empowerment

Day 13 (Mon Jan 25) ~ Long Life Prayers for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and end of the teaching marked with Tibetan Dances, Songs and Ceremonies.

Day 14 (Tue Jan 26) ~ Travel to Patna, with a tour of the Museum in Patna, and from there travel to Delhi by flight.

Day 15 (Wed jan 27) ~ Return Flight to USA (Option to sight see in Delhi, including shopping) Afternoon party dinner together, and return to home flight. Lama Gursam and Lama Jamdor and the person from the Travel Agency will see each person off, at their airline gate with a Tibetan Kata.

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